Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Keynote Presentation:  The Anticipatory Organization: A Proven Model To Predict Change & Create Extraordinary Results
Presented by Daniel Burrus, Founder and CEO, Burrus Research Associates, Inc., followed by Fireside Chat with Sam Schmidt, Co-Owner, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports

Based on decades of research and experience applying his Hard Trend methodology to leading companies worldwide, Daniel has identified the missing competency: Anticipation. With his Anticipatory Organization Model, Burrus enables business leaders to separate Hard Trends from Soft Trends. When you learn to analyze and perceive trends this way, it is possible to tap into what Burrus calls Everyday Innovation, solving challenges faster, and recognizing previously invisible opportunities. Mastering these capabilities will position your organization to be the disruptor instead of being the disrupted — thus creating competitive advantage, and reducing risk.

Key Takeaways:
This eye-opening and motivating presentation will teach attendees the key components of thenew core competency—anticipation—and show them how to apply it to their work and life, which will accelerate both their organization’s growth and their personal success. Other notable deliverables include:

  • Identify the Hard Trends that will happen, predict disruptions before they disrupt, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  • Separate Hard Trends—trends that will happen—from Soft Trends—trends that might happen
  • Learn the benefits of Everyday Innovation, solving challenges faster, and recognizing previously invisible opportunities.
  • Accelerate your organization’s growth and your employee’s personal success.

Fireside Chat:
Following Burrus’ presentation on being an anticipatory organization, Burrus will sit down with Sam Schmidt. Witness the conversation with this motivated thinker who doesn’t fear much, including vehicle technologies. In this moderated discussion with the Indy Car team owner and driver, hear from Schmidt about his impulse to innovate and the opportunities in technology for the aftermarket. Take advantage of the occasion to ask him your questions on life, career, and the future of vehicles.

About Daniel Burrus
Daniel Burrus is considered one of the World's Leading Futurists on Global Trends and Innovation. His experience in innovative entrepreneurship includes founding six businesses and he is currently the CEO of Burrus Research. His accurate predictions date back to the early 1980s where he became the first and only futurist to accurately identify the twenty technologies that would become the driving force of business and economic change for decades to come. Since then, he has continued to establish a worldwide reputation for his exceptional work.

In addition to being a Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-selling author, the New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the highest demand as a speaker. Moreover, he is a strategic advisor to executives from Fortune 500 companies, helping them to develop game-changing strategies based on his proven methodologies for capitalizing on technology innovations and their future impact.

His client list includes companies such as Microsoft, GE, American Express, Google, Deloitte, Procter & Gamble, Honda, and IBM. Burrus has not only written for many national media outlets but has also been featured on several PBS television specials, appeared on programs such as CNN, Fox Business, and Bloomberg, and is quoted in a variety of publications, including Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Fortune, and Forbes.

About Sam Schmidt
Indy Car team owner and driver Sam Schmidt is an undeniable leader. Following in his father’s footsteps and developing an unmeasured interest in motorsports, Sam had a goal to race in the Indianapolis 500. In 1997, he made his first IndyCar start which was followed by three consecutive Indianapolis 500 races where he netted his first victory from the pole at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 1999, finishing the year fifth in series points.

In January of 2000, during testing in preparation for the season, Sam suffered a horrendous crash at Walt Disney World Speedway which rendered him a quadriplegic. Though no longer able to drive a racecar, Sam was still passionate about the sport. He founded Sam Schmidt Motorsports and in 2011 he established a full-time IndyCar team which has collected six wins, two Indianapolis 500 pole positions as well as three top-five finishes in the championship points standings.

Sam, along with a few close friends, also founded the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation. Known today as Conquer Paralysis Now, they fund global research and support organizations benefiting people with disabilities. 

In May 2014, Sam drove a Corvette Stingray re-engineered by Arrow Electronics, over 100 miles per hour around the iconic Indianapolis 500 Oval using a head array to steer and a bite plate to brake. Over the next 4 years by advancing the technology, he was able to reach 152mph at Indy, participate in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and received the first ever semi-autonomous driver’s license.

In 2017 he fulfilled a lifelong dream by racing Mario Andretti in identical Corvettes and pushed the envelope even further by going 192mph at Nellis Air Force Base. Since, he has driven his kids around the streets of DC and take his wife on a drive around the streets of San Francisco. Sam lives in Henderson, NV, with his wife Sheila, and their two children, Savannah and Spencer.

Education Workshops:

TechnologyMegatrends Driving Digitalization in the North American Independent Aftermarket
Presented by Sandeep Kar, Chief Strategy Officer, Fleet Complete

Digitization is bringing fundamental changes to all corners of the heavy duty aftermarket, creating new business models and new customer engagement platforms. Connected vehicle technologies driven by telematics applications such as remote diagnostics and prognostics, coupled with rise of e-commerce is necessitating recalibration of service and maintenance design and delivery mechanisms. Research indicates approximately 35% of all commercial vehicles in US are already leveraging telematics services, a figure that is expected to reach 80% by 2025. In this era of rapid proliferation of connected vehicle technologies, the HD independent aftermarket distributor is faced with the need to rapidly embrace telematics and other digitized service, maintenance, and distribution technologies that will enable stake holding groups gain the speed and scale needed to create value for their customers and investors.

Fleet Complete’s Chief Strategy Officer, Sandeep Kar will share key megatrends that are driving the rise of digitization in North American and the global commercial vehicle aftermarket. His presentation will focus on new and emerging business models and their impact on the HD independent aftermarket. This will be substantiated by the voice of customers (fleet managers) with research findings related to their willingness to adopt telematics and other connected vehicle technologies. Kar will focus on key technology and market forces that are shaping HD independent aftermarket growth opportunities for multiple eco-system partners (ie OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, distributors, fleet managers, etc).  The presentation will also focus on Blockchain, 5G and other related technologies that will have cascading impact on all corners of the HD industry. Kar will outline the impact of digitization on HD aftermarket and prescribe solutions and strategies for leveraging telematics and to use it to turbocharge your business in the new digital era.

About Sandeep Kar
Sandeep Kar is a global thought leader in commercial vehicle industry. He leads corporate strategy at Fleet Complete with a mission of developing the company as a leading global provider of IoT solutions for the widest array of commercial vehicle industry eco-system partners. Sandeep works closely with automotive OEMs, suppliers, regulators, legislators, financial industry, and fleets in developing strategic partnerships. In addition, he is a frequent keynote and panel speaker at leading conferences across the board and is often quoted in the industry's prominent journals and publications. Sandeep also serves in advisory boards of several pathbreaking companies.

ProductsImpact of Better Products and Changing Industries

Presented by Gerry Mead, Executive Director of Innovation, Phillips Industries

Better products and IoT coupled with intelligent trucks will greatly impact the independent aftermarket business as it is today. Distributors need to understand what and when new technology will be entering the industry in the near term, as well as into the future so they can plan to capitalize on the new opportunities by preparing for increased staff training, obtaining new technology and relevant parts and repair equipment that they will need to serve their customers with new vehicle technologies. 

Mead will highlight how IoT and high-tech transportation will transform the future of the heavy-duty aftermarket and provide a technology adaption roadmap to follow to make sure their businesses are keeping up with the tools, training and materials they will need for the future.

About Gerry Mead
Gerry Mead joined Phillips Industries in 2017, bringing more than two decades of multi-faceted experiences in the trucking industry. He previously served as Senior Vice President of Equipment and Maintenance of US Xpress, Inc. and has worked for some of the who’s who in the industry; Yellow Freight, JB Hunt, Walmart Transportation and PAM Transport. Gerry has received several industry accolades including International Service Diamond Club Award-2002, Fleet Maintenance Magazine maintenance scholarship-2012, HDT Magazine Fleet Heavy Duty Trucking Innovator of Year-2016, Tennessee Trucking Association Maintenance Professional of the year-2017 and recognized by Commercial Carrier Journal as a CCJ Innovator-2017. He is also a 8 year veteran of the US Marine Corps, where he was awarded two Naval Achievement Medals for Maintenance Excellence. When not working, Gerry is an avid hunter and woodsman and also loves being a devoted husband to wife Kristi, and cherished father to his three beautiful daughters and two very large dogs.

CustomersDefining the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Digital Experience

Presented by Ram ChandraSekar (Chandra), Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Phase Zero

Digitalization of the HD Aftermarket is not just about having online sales.  To be successful in today’s aftermarket, distributors need to know what technologies to implement to define their businesses and their digital customer experience. And not just for right now, but to carry them into the future.

Major issues facing distributors that can be improved with modern-day digitalization include:

  • Knowing exactly what components to stock and when with new customer demand patterns
  • Customers requiring little to no downtime for their vehicles
  • The ability of a distributor to notify fleets in advance of potential failures or needed maintenance while the vehicle is within their service zones

Where do you stand currently on these issues in your own business?

What do you need to do – right now - to ensure you are here in 3-5-10 years to service your customers at the level they have quickly become accustomed to with real-time solutions? 

How will you manage your customer’s expectations as they grow even more demanding in the upcoming digital wave that is quickly re-defining the heavy duty aftermarket? 

Chandra will answer these questions and discuss the importance of the customer experience, focused on the customer lifecycle and the importance to the aftermarket distributors.  In his workshop, he will share valuable insights into how to fully digitize your business to help you understand your inventory and service capabilities.  You will want to attend this workshop to listen, learn and ask questions from an industry expert who is working “in the trenches” with major HD CV Aftermarket programs around the world.

About Ram ChandraSekar
Ram ChandraSekar (Chandra) is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PhaseZero.  Based in Silicon Valley, Chandra has been involved in transforming businesses, operations and commercializing Internet, enterprise software, mobile, Web and analytics technologies for over 25  years as an entrepreneur, operating executive and general manager.

Chandra brings significant experience in identifying and commercializing transformational technologies and growing businesses from concept to industry leadership. Prior to starting PhaseZero, Chandra held executive leadership, product management and engineering roles in enterprise software and data communications companies including Oracle, Agile Software, Manugistics, Apexon (Symphony Technologies), Cisco Systems, Rasna (Parametric Technology), IBM, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms.  Chandra holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, a MS (Mechanical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and a B.Tech (Textile Technology) from the  University of Madras.

PeoplePeople: Growing and Keeping Your Best Assets From an Industry Insider

Presented by:  Homer Hogg, Director, Technical Service, TA-Petro

In this competitive job market it can be difficult for an independent heavy duty aftermarket business to standout, recruit and retain top talent. High employee turnover costs businesses time and money and challenges with employee retention can hold your organization back. So how do you address this important issue in a way that works for an aftermarket business?

Homer Hogg, of TA-Petro, will share what high performing organizations do to cut turnover, recruit the best people in the business, and keep customers coming back. Distributors will walk away with a list of tangible action items and new resources they can tailor to use in their businesses.

About Homer Hogg
Homer Hogg has an extensive 38 year career where he began at Ryder as a technician and worked his way to Director of Maintenance Training and New Technology for North America with responsibility for 58 Training Centers, 80 Trainers serving over 4000 technicians and 2,500 shop managers. He transitioned from Ryder to TA/Petro and is now the Director of Technical Service responsible for maintaining TA’s technical relationship with Daimler Trucks North America, developing technical solutions for TA/Petro and managing technical training curricula.

He is a graduate from Lincoln College of Technology, where he is a member of their Hall-of-Fame. He holds an ASE Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Master certification, Daimler Trucks North America certified Dealer Trainer, Six Sigma certified thru Villanova University, and co-host on SiriusXM radio called Maintenance Matters. He also writes technical articles in each addition of Road King magazine.

Homer currently sits on the Board of Directors for ASE, multiple Tech School Advisory Councils, Chairs TMC’s S16 Study Group, and is an advocate in the industry for the professional development for technicians.

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