Tackle Challenges Head-On

When parts and technology change, there are no excuses for coming up short. Your business must stay ahead of the next-generation solutions your customers need. Conquer every challenge, from products and technology to finding talented technicians, with the education you can only find at HDAW 2020.

Choose from sessions in three key areas to customize your learning experience.

Your business is a treasure trove of data, but do you even know how to make the data you have work for you? This session discusses how to expose the data you have in order to understand the real profitability of your current customer and mine it for sales growth opportunities.

Trucks carrying the advanced vehicle technologies we talked about three and five years ago are coming out of warranty and into the aftermarket. This session will delve into what components and systems are coming through your door and the necessary knowledge counter salespeople need to help a technically savvy customer. Then, hear about the vehicle technologies hitting the market today that will be in the parts market in the next three to five years to stay ready to support your customers. 

Predictive maintenance is helping fleets get ahead of service schedules and extend the life of equipment. What do distributors need to do to keep pace with the new demands of fleets? This session will explore how the supply chain can adapt by defining predictive maintenance, what technologies are available to your customers, and how they use these solutions.

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