HDAW attendance is limited exclusively to exhibiting suppliers and their independent distributor partners.  More than 2,000 owners, executives and managers from the U.S., Canada and other countries, including distributors, exhibiting suppliers and service providers attended last year's conference.  

HDAW is constructed specfically for the purpose of strengthening this important independent market segment in the heavy duty parts and service industry.

All registrations are subject to review and approval by the HDAW Conference Organizers.


To qualify to attend HDAW under the Distributor regstration/specialty classification, you must be in one of the following categories:

  • Member of the HDAW JOC Organizations (excluding suppliers)
  • Independent heavy duty aftermarket distributor
  • Independent truck service specialist

To view the Distributor Qualification Policy in more detail, please click here.

Non-Exhibiting Suppliers:

  • Companies that have previously exhibited at or attended HDAW as a non-exhibiting supplier may not attend HDAW unless they are an exhibiting supplier.
  • Non-Exhibiting Supplier attendance is for the sole purpose of viewing HDAW for future exhibiting opportunities.
  • In addition to the HDAW guidelines/regulations, non-exhibiting suppliers must also agree to the following:
    • Attendance to HDAW as a Non-Exhibiting Supplier is limited to one year of event preview. This includes HDAW 2019.
    • There is a limit of two (2) representatives per company.
    • Non-Exhibiting Suppliers cannot participate in the One-on-One Business Meetings.
    • Hosting of showrooms, hospitality suites, special presentation or sponsorship of any kind is strictly prohibited.
    • $400 of registration fee can be credited towards exhibit space for HDAW 2021.

To view the Non-Exhibiting Supplier Policy in more detail, please click here.

Exhibiting Suppliers:

  • Companies that have previously exhibited at HDAW and/or have already attended HDAW as a non-exhibiting supplier can only attend HDAW as an exhibiting supplier.
  • For more information regarding exhibiting supplier registration, please click here.

Manufacturers' Representatives:

  • In order to attend as a manufacturers’ representative, individuals must be representing a company that is exhibiting at HDAW.  All other situations require non-exhibiting supplier registration. 
  • For more information on registering as a manufacturers' representative, please contact Conference Management.

Ad Agency/Consultants:

Ad agency/consultants must register as part of their client's exhibiting company and are not permitted to solicit their services.


  • Media registrations will be granted upon approval from HDAW Conference Management and Organizers.  Proper credentials are required.
  • For more information on media registration, please click here.


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