Companies who qualify to exhibit, but are not current exhibiting suppliers, yet wish to attend HDAW are considered and can only register as a non-exhibiting supplier (NES). 

The registration fee for non-exhibiting suppliers is:

  • $3,300 (Member Companies)
  • $5,500 (Non-Member Companies)

There is a limit of two registrants per company.  In addition, non-exhibiting suppliers are limited to a one-year preview.  This includes all previous HDAW conferences.

Companies that have previously exhibited at or attended HDAW as a non-exhibiting supplier may not attend HDAW unless they are an exhibiting supplier.

Each year, there are manufacturers and suppliers who do not exhibit, yet attend HDAW.  While all legitimate attendance is welcome, these companies attempt to approach distributors for the purpose of selling their products and/or services by doing one of the following:

Outboarding:  holding showrooms, receptions, hospitality suites and any special presentations off-site.

Suitcasing:  solicitations by use of meetings, samples, brochures, catalogs and other materials.

These practices are strictly prohibited by HDAW.

Anyone who is observed approaching distributors in the HDAW common areas or in an exhibiting supplier's booth, and is not a legitimate supplier, should be reported immediately to Conference Management.  The non-exhibiting supplier will then be asked to cease this activity or exit the Conference.  These measures will be strictly enforced with the intent of preserving the integrity of HDAW and maintaining a good relationship between the distributor and exhibiting supplier.

The assistance of exhibiting suppliers in watching for this type of activity and reporting it is greatly appreciated.  Exhibiting suppliers are especially encouraged to note the person's name, company, and the color of their badge holder.  In addition to surveillance in the Product Expo by exhibiting suppliers and Conference Management for this prohibited behavior, special screening will take place in the registration area for this type of attendee to prevent them engagng in unauthorized selling at HDAW.

Questions?  Please contact HDAW Conference Management at 708-226-1300 or email

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