Why participate in the One-on-One Business Meetings?

  • Premier distributors and suppliers registered for HDAW will engage in private, focused business meetings.
  • Computer-automated scheduling uses your company’s selections and preferences to create an unbiased, quality schedule.

Registration is limited due to the number of meeting rooms available to rent. Late registrations may be taken on a case-by-case basis.

  • All companies must be approved and registered for exhibit space at HDAW’25. Reserve a Booth Today.
  • Supplier companies are limited to a total of three (3) meeting rooms/teams.
  • Room preference selections will be taken into consideration during the assignment process by Conference Management, but are not guaranteed.
  • No outside food or beverage is permitted onsite.

Cancellation of all or a portion of the One-on-One meeting room must be made in writing.  Conference Management shall retain $500 as an administrative fee for any cancellation of One-on-One meeting room rental received prior to [date TBD]. After [date TBD], the following refund schedule will be strictly adhered to.

When written notification is received from:

  • [Date rage TBD], Conference Management shall retain 50% of the rental cost of each reserved One-on-One meeting room canceled as liquidated damages.
  • Beginning [date TBD], Conference Management shall retain 100% of the rental cost of each reserved One-on-One meeting room canceled as liquidated damages.  If an Exhibiting Supplier has reserved its One-on-One meeting room, and paid any portion of the rental cost, but has not received a One-on-One meeting room confirmation, the Exhibiting Supplier is entitled to 100% of the rental cost of each One-on-One meeting room.
  • If an exhibiting supplier cancels their exhibit space booth, all respective One-on-One Business Meetings will be canceled.

Refunds and liquidated damages are based on full One-on-One meeting room rental cost.  Conference Management shall not pay any interest on any amount refunded.


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