HDAW’s Final Night All-Industry Reception and Pinewood Challenge will be a night to remember! The festivities will kick-off, starting at 5:30 pm Wednesday night, January 27, 2016 in the Mirage Grand Ballroom. This year’s Pinewood will again feature large screens to view the racing action from anywhere in the Grand Ballroom.  Get started now building your 18- wheel dream machine!

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Pinewood Challenge Instructions and Forms:

Pinewood Challenge General Information
Pinewood Challenge Rules and Regulations
Pinewood Challenge Entry Form


Pinewood Challenge 2015 Results:

 The annual All-Industry Reception and Pinewood Challenge, proved again to be an exciting event for all 23 race participants.  

Winners of the Pinewood race were:

1st place - Dorman Stealth, Dorman Products
2nd place - Triangle #2, Triangle Suspension
3rd place - Bendix 4 Second Stop, Bendix CVS

Winners of the Concours D’elegance (Best designed and best looking trucks):

1st place - Dorman Contributor, Dorman Products
2nd place - Kingfish, Truck Supply Company of S.C.
3rd place - Oilsands Express "Crane",  Fleet Brake



Get started now building your Pinewood dream machine for the HDAW 2016 Pinewood Challenge in Vegas!